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Cathryn is a graduate of The Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program by Internationally recognized Staging Diva, Debra Gould, and President of Six Elements.

Staging Diva® Graduate Home Stagers know how to bring out a home’s best features, minimize flaws and promote it for the right target market. They set the stage for a greater number of potential buyers to fall in love and say “this is home!”

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Cathryn Tracy ~ Setting The Stage ~ Home Staging & Interior Decorating Cathryn Tracy on LinkedIn Cathryn Tracy on Facebook Cathryn Tracy on Instagram  


Hi!  Very nice to meet you! So, how did I get started with Setting the Stage you ask?

Well, in 2016 I was suddenly 'restructured' out of my job. During my job search, I was approached by a friend and home owner who made that important decision to sell her home. Knowing my passion for interior decorating (I helped her when she purchased her first home) she asked if I would stage her home to sell.  Of course I said 'yes!'  It 'officially' went on the market in June and was sold (signed, sealed and delivered) by mid-August.  She was thrilled!  During that project, another home owner approached me who was re-decorating her home, and asked for my help as she was stuck.  Guess what?  I said 'yes!'

As these and other projects progressed I was asked a question; "Cat, why are you job searching?"  I, of course, answered with, "I need an income to live".  Then they explained why they asked their question.  "Cat, this is really what you should be doing!  You have been doing it for years; you love it and are great at it so why not turn your passion into a business? Well those encouraging words started the wheels turning! After completing several courses through the Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development on starting and operating a business and graduating from an internationally recognized Home staging Business Program, I did just that.

My background encompasses a unique blend of expertise and savvy in providing both home sellers and homeowners with just the right style when staging their home to sell or to stay. This has been done through consultations, color and fabric selections and purchasing/shopping, along with furniture placement, lighting and exteriors. Starting as a self-taught expert, I have been delivering my know-how in interior decorating for several years and now, as a 'Staging Diva', I am ready to deliver to you!

Thank you for 'reading my story’. I invite you to touch base any time and look forward to connecting with you soon and helping you ‘move forward’.

Yours in Staging and ReDesign.

The cost of staging your house is less than your first price reduction, let alone your second!

Consultation Costs

A staging consultation typically takes a minimum of two hours depending on the size of the home. Once the consultation ends, the homeowner will be armed with recommendations along with a quote to have their home shown beautifully and to be market and show ready. The homeowner can then decide whether to act on the recommendations themselves or hire me to take care of some or all of the recommendations.

Occupied Home Staging Costs

Homes that are lived in can have varied costs as no two homes are alike. They will depend on what furniture and props are needed, and the effort anticipated in readying the home for sale. A quote would be provided at the end of a two hour consult. You can decide what recommendations you want to incorporate, and what you want assistance with.

Vacant Home Staging Costs

Two costs are involved in the first month.

One: the staging fee, which will be defined during the two hour consultation. This cost will include delivery and pick up and entire set up.

Two: the monthly rental fee for furniture and décor. Prices will depend on what is required. Should the size of the home be quite large or supplementary rooms or rentals are required the price may go up.

Should an additional month of staging be required, the monthly rental costs would apply only. The monthly rental fees will include the furniture, artwork, rugs, lamps, and other accessories that will help create a finished and polished look.

I invite you to contact me to discuss your requirements.

Services Offered:

  • Furniture placement
  • Lighting, art and décor accessorizing
  • Decluttering, reorganizing
  • Furniture/Art rental sourcing and onsite delivery
  • Personal Shopping
  • Color consultations
  • Exteriors for curb appeal
  • Vendor relations/recommendations
Cathryn Tracy ~ Setting The Stage ~ Home Staging & Interior Decorating
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